Shiva Deconstruction

Shiva, Hindu God of transformation, destroys that which is at the end of it’s lifecycle so that it may be reborn to live again.  Deconstruction is the first step in transforming your home into it’s new form, both on-site and when the materials are ultimately re-used or recycled.

Shiva Deconstruction is committed to providing Cost Effective, Green, environmentally responsible, deconstruction services to homeowners and contractors in Boulder and Denver.  Shiva Deconstruction is very familiar with Boulder’s Build Smart and Green Points deconstruction requirements and can help you navigate this process as painlessly as possible.

Through a partnership with The ReUse People, Shiva Deconstruction can streamline the appraisal-deconstruction-donation process, helping the homeowner get the highest tax deduction possible with as little headache as possible.


Why are deconstruction services required?

Boulder passed a number of ordinances a couple of years ago, requiring all homeowners and contractors to use deconstruction instead of traditional demolition methods when removing a structure.

This is not entirely a bad news story, as you can see from our deconstruction cost analysis page. In fact, you will eventually come out thousands of dollars ahead by using deconstruction instead of traditional demolition.

The key to achieving this is to work with the right company to avoid headaches and ensure you maximize your tax savings.