Boulder Green Points Program

Recently the city of Boulder has put into effect some building code changes that will help homeowners in a positive way. The new rules go into effect in March 0f 2009 and are going to change the way people think about their houses. The changes have to do with the Boulder Green Points system and how it will effect the way in which people make changes to their homes.

     What this essentially means to  the average Boulder area homeowner is that any additions to an existing house must meet the requirements set down by the city council.  This will also affect any remodel the homeowner is looking to accomplish. The new requirements have to do with something called green points.

Basically it works the following way. Houses need to attain a certain number of green points in order for the work to proceed. The way a house qualifies for green points varies on a few different factors:

  • One of the ways a house can qualify for some of these green points is by using solar power. Depending on how much the home utilizes this type power is directly proportionate to how many boulder green points the house can receive.
  • Another way a homeowner can get some additional green points is by the type of insulation that he or she has put into their walls. Being Boulder this is a good home improvement to think about anyways.
  • Another way to accumulate more green points is by having a more efficient healing system. Again, being Boulder Colorado this makes a lot of sense. A lot of money can be saved by having a more efficient heating system employed at the house.
  • Having more modern and energy efficient appliances in the house can garner even more Boulder green points.
  • Additional items include getting higher R value windows, irrigation, more efficient lighting and other things that can be bought or replaced in a house.

     Change is not always easy; however it is sometimes for the better. Having the Boulder green point system in place will help people save money and it will help the environment by reducing green houses gases and other types of pollution.

Shiva Deconstruction can help you understand and navigate through these requirements and in concert with our partners, Van Matre Construction and The ReUse People, we can provide you with a full turnkey solution for your project that meets the requirements of the new regulations and will ultimately save you money.